About the Catalina Tile Experience

The Catalina Tile Experience offers visitors an authentic opportunity to share a part of island culture.
Silver Canyon Pottery, which has been in operation since 1988 in Avalon, is the genesis for the experience.
Founded by local resident Robin Cassidy, the studio started out as a production pottery shop. Thousands of mugs, plates and bowls later, a chance conversation with a fellow Islander -- who happened to be in charge of maintaining the town's historic Catalina Tile -- led to a new direction.
Many of the downtown tiles were in terrible shape. A little experimentation and 20 donated tiles set the company on a new course. The tile installations of Avalon now feature about 40% reproduction tiles made by Silver Canyon Pottery, which has also created new installations at the City Hall complex, The Avalon Hotel and countless private commissions. Tiles are available in several retail stores in Avalon and we create popular finisher medals for the annual full marathon.

We had fun making these very tiles and want to share it with you.....

Meet The Founder(s)

Robin Cassidy

Robin Cassidy, owner of Silver Canyon Pottery, grew up on Catalina Island.

Too busy being a typical Island girl growing up, it was not until she returned from the mainland after college that the pottery bug hit. Hey, what else would you do with a degree in Psychology!

Her passion for the traditional tile beauty of the town and desire to share this knowledge with visitors led to the popular make-your-own tile tours. We have as much fun as you will!


Meet our Tile team

See the folks that make it all happen.

Gina Cicconi

Master glazer

Third generation Island girl and daughter of legendary Island fisherman Jerry Cicconi, Gina is the backbone of the operation. If only we would let her glaze EVERYTHING orange. It's our running joke!

Kat Chase

Production Gal

Kat Chase, makes much of the tile we send to the stores of Avalon. She is lucky enough to reside at Toyon Bay which is a kids camp made entirely of original Catalina Tile and brick. Cool!

Ariel LaFontaine

production gal

Our newest member, Ariel is a joy to work with. Relatively new to the island, her positive attitude and quick learning has her quickly becoming another valuable asset to our company.